James Aldridge



The inspiration for this garden in Clapham Old Town was taken from the strong symmetry of the house's façade and the large Eucalyptus that dominates the site from behind the rear wall, providing the cue for the garden's colour theme of blues and greys.

Double doors lead on to a generous square of paving composed of a grid of reclaimed street cobbles, in-filled with green slate. To reduce the visual impact of the high rear wall two pools were created, one at the higher level with a central obelisk and a waterfall connecting them. The mosaic artist, Cleo Mussi, added the fine detailing to the garden through the wall friezes and bespoke tabletop.

Rows of horizontally trained lime trees on either side of the garden provide the green structure and give privacy. The remaining spaces are filled with a profusion of rare foliage plants providing a sense of lushness throughout the year. As the foliage extends well beyond head height the feeling of the place is one of overgrown formality and of a very calm oasis dominated by scent and the sound of water.

Photography: Jerry Harpur

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